Tissue Morpho & Mechanics Lab

Understanding and harnessing the fundamental mechanical principles shaping tissues during development

Welcome to the TMML

Our lab, opening Jan. 2024, focuses on unraveling the fundamental mechanical principles guiding tissue shape formation during embryonic development. 

By integrating mechanics, engineering, and developmental cell biology, we aim to decipher the internal and external forces that orchestrate normal development and how deviation from these mechanical blueprints contributes to congenital anomalies. In parallel, our lab is dedicated to pioneering engineering strategies that aim to recreate morphogenetic events across multiple scales, with an eye toward building functional 3D tissues and organs.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us, where science and engineering converge.

Meet Our Team

Principal Investigator

Shinuo Weng, Ph.D.

Shinuo is the mastermind kicking off our stunning and captivating adventure.

The inaugural generation of TMML!!!


If you are into the marvel of nature, mechanics, microscopes, or all that above and beyond, you belong here!